TECdoc Scribe Focus on the Patient and TECdoc Scribe does the Rest

A Revolution In Documentation with AI Assistance

  • AI Assisted
    AI Assisted Charting
  • No Transcription Post-Patient Consults
    No need for subsequent dictation or transcription after seeing patient
  • Clear And Concise Charting
    Professional And Clear Chart
  • Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities
    Helps Identify Rare And Critical Diagnoses
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Tailored for hospitals, urgent cares, emergency rooms, and physician specialties

About TECdoc Scribe

About TECdoc Scribe

What Sets Us Apart

Designed by an emergency medicine physician, TECdoc Scribe utilizes multiple AI systems to create an efficient chart that conforms to the 2023 CMS guidelines.

  • TECdoc Scribe Saves Time
    Saves You Time Documenting
  • TECdoc Scribe Helps Build Differential Diagnosis
    Helps Build Differential Diagnosis List
  • TECdoc Scribe Works With Any EMR
    Works With Any EMR
  • TECdoc Scribe Supports Multiple Languages
    Supports Multiple Languages
  • TECdoc Scribe Offers A Custom Chart
    Custom Chart Output Based On Medical Specialty
What Sets TECdoc Scribe Apart
TECdoc Scribe Being USed By A Doctor

See how easy it is improve your practice and get back your time

Step 1: Start Recording

Start Recording

Step 2: See Patient

See Patient

Step 3: AI-Generates Notes And Reports

AI-Generates Notes & Reports

Step 4: Inputs Patient Data Into Any Existing EMR Charting System

Inputs Patient Data Into Any Existing EMR Charting System

Step 5: Decreases hours of documentation

Decreases hours of documentation

TECdoc Scribe Benefits

AI Builds Your Chart

  • Records patient interactions
    Records patient interactions creating a seamless medical transcription recording accurately
  • Continuous updates on the medical chart
    Continuously updates the medical chart with new data and interactions
  • Streamlined information organization
    Organizes information in the patient’s record in a structured manner
Use TECdoc Scribe On Phone And Tablet
Use TECdoc Scribe On Phone And Tablet
  • Automatic differential diagnosis
    Automatically generates a differential diagnosis
  • Assigns ICD-10 codes
    Recognizes diagnoses and assigns ICD-10 codes
  • CPT codes for billing
    Identifies procedures and adds CPT codes for billing
  • Follows documentation guidelines
    Follows the new 2023 CMS documentation guidelines
  • Ensures personal information protection
    Temporarily stores data and ensures personal information protection, eliminating HIPAA concerns

How It Works

TECdoc Scribe
Doctor Speaking With Patient While Using TECdoc Scribe

Start Your Recording


TECdoc Scribe seamlessly integrates with the clinician’s current work process. It automatically collects and incorporates pertinent data and context during the patient visit.

Physicians Communicate with Patients in Their Usual Manner


TECdoc Scribe operates discreetly in the background, enabling clinicians to dedicate their full attention to patients during the visit, eliminating the need for multitasking.

Quickly Review and Export AI-Generated Drafts in Seconds


TECdoc Scribe transcribes the recording into any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, streamlining the traditional documentation process of selecting structured fields, clicking buttons, and inputting free text into the EMR, reducing non-clinical workload for health care providers.

Easy Charting That Makes You a Better Clinician

AI assists The Clinician With Potential Diagnoses

Research across different scientific media sources has identified emergency medical record (EMR) usage and fatigue as primary contributors to numerous health and legal issues among medical professionals. TECdoc Scribe aims to provide an avenue for cultivating a more compassionate approach to medical practice for both physicians and patients. Leveraging the complete capabilities of artificial intelligence, TECdoc Scribe assists in reclaiming valuable time, promotes peace of mind, and enhances physician work-life balance.

  • Prevent physician burnout Main causes that lead to physician burnout are related to the use of frustrating EMRs.1
  • TECdoc Scribe reduces the time spent in front of an EMR system For each patient visit, physicians spend an average of 16 minutes and 14 seconds using emergency medical record (EMRs).2
  • AI improves diagnostic accuracy In terms of estimating probabilities of diagnoses before and after testing, compared with humans, the AI had less error in pretest and posttest probability after a negative result.3
TECdoc Scribe

drastically reduces the time spent in front of an EMR system. It also helps to reduce diagnostic errors.

TECdoc Scribe Pricing is Simple

TECdoc Scribe offers straightforward, transparent pricing, ensuring easy budgeting for health care providers. With no hidden fees, its cost-effective structure is designed to provide maximum value, aligning with various clinic sizes and patient volumes. Simple and accessible, TECdoc Scribe redefines affordability in health care documentation.

FAQ’s About TECdoc Scribe

TECdoc Scribe can significantly enhance your medical practice by streamlining documentation processes. It accurately transcribes patient interactions, updates medical charts in real-time, and automates tasks like generating differential diagnoses and assigning billing codes. This saves time and ensures accuracy and compliance with the latest guidelines, ultimately improving efficiency and patient care.

Yes, TECdoc Scribe ensures accuracy in its transcription services while capturing patient interactions with precision. However, it is important to note that TECdoc Scribe does not collect or transmit Protected Health Information. This approach helps to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of patient information in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

TECdoc Scribe stands out from other transcription services due to its advanced AI technology. It not only transcribes accurately but also offers real-time updates to medical charts, automatic differential diagnosis generation, ICD-10 and CPT coding, and compliance with 2023 CMS documentation guidelines. This comprehensive approach sets it apart in terms of efficiency and functionality. Additionally, TECdoc Scribe enhances its capabilities by providing suggestions for differential diagnoses as well as suggested next steps for the evaluation and treatment of the patient.

Yes, you can use TECdoc Scribe on multiple devices and platforms, providing flexibility and accessibility for healthcare professionals. Its compatibility ensures seamless integration into various workflows and clinical settings.

The security of your uploaded data is a top priority for TECdoc Scribe. It employs robust encryption and stringent data protection measures to ensure the utmost security, adhering to strict HIPAA standards to safeguard patient information and maintain confidentiality.

TECdoc Scribe is suitable for both small and large health care facilities. Its adaptable pricing and scalable functionality cater to a wide range of clinic sizes, making it accessible and beneficial for health care providers of all scales.

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